VPS From Digital Ocean for a Low Price and Nice Performance

Digital Ocean is an IaaS (infrastructure as a service) such as Amazon Web Services EC2 servers, although I think they are more simple to use and the interface is much more clean and clear.

Is also best price, you can have a droplet that is as they call here to the virtual machines as well as stay micro that gives you free one year Amazon (then cost about $ 16 per month), for $ 5 a month, and for 10$ a month a “cucumber” 😉 They are SSDS, i.e., Rosemary honey!!
vps-at-digital-oceanIn this tutorial I’ll explain how to register at DigitalOcean and set up our first Linux server in which to deploy our Web applications.

We went to the website of DigitalOcean and checked with an email and a password. In the next step will ask us our data (name, surname, address and a credit card number) add them and have our account in DigitalOcean. A confirmation email will get us to our email, click on the link to confirm and ready.

Now choose which machine we want, in my case I choose the cheaper than to start us too much. 512 mb of RAM, 1 CPU, disk SSD 20GB, and 1 TB monthly transfer (if you exceed it, the additional GB costs $ 0.02)
digital-oceanThe region, in my case I chose London for being the closest to Europe, to the latency.

We can now access our control panel and in the will have to configure software we want to install. In my case, I chose a distribution Ubuntu 14.04 x 64.
image-for-digital-oceanWe can install additional applications, such as Ruby, Django, PHP, etc… In my case I choose to install Node to save me install it via terminal, but if we can do so later by SSH.

We have everything, the only thing that we have is access via SSH through terminal to be able to configure our server, displays, etc… So first we need to import our public RSA key or create a new one.

You Can Try to Register at Digital Ocean at here

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