The responsibility for your life lies in yourself

You are responsible for your life, what happens during it, but that doesn’t make you guilty.

It is capital to know that you can feel guilty in a situation either if and only if you know that your action (doing nothing is doing something), you are causing damage to another person. In all other situations, you are responsible but not guilty. Guilt is and should be an educational, non-destructive emotion (if it is that it is misguided).

responsibility-life-lies-in-yourselfYou must remember that you are your own authority (in the sense of individual). You need to take your place in the universe.

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Freedom what you do now in your life will void the propensity for disease in your own genealogy. It will change your lineage so deeply that you will never have that disease and won’t it have your offspring. Escape your responsibility is possible, but at some point you will notice that not worth it.

The power of responsibility is responsiveness to your inner child, is information, knowledge and wisdom to heal and love this child. The responsibility is correlated with the chakra Crown and the fourth dimension.

Open yourself to the energies of the responsibility, if you are still having negative thoughts as a result of allowing the power of responsibility. This is absolutely appropriate. Let the feelings come, let them go, let the thoughts come and go and allows more and more responsibility to flow through your body… Also lets come the feelings and let them go…

If you allow you to identify yourself with your thoughts or emotions, you stop being you, to become a puppet of your mind. If you embrace the responsibility of your life you start you on a path of healing present will be your best gift, and where your true identity, which is neither mind nor the result of an illusion created by your mind, was to give way to a new day with more light, more love and more freedom.

You’re vibration of light and energy and the power of responsibility is a frequency that will allow your body to release all those other frequencies that do not support you, or make you happy.

Remember that you are the creator of your life experience. Disease decrypts, decodes your reality.

Your answer personalized through the discovery session – reading of the soul, is most unequivocally aware and find answers.

The alternative is awareness.

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