economic resources : Leaving Children Without Food & Family

Since the current economic crisis showed its face more raw, there is no day in which cuts, unemployment and foreclosures are not news.

Since the current economic crisis showed its face more raw, there is no day in which cuts, unemployment and foreclosures are not news. The consequences of the crisis are many and no nice, but until this week had not seen a case of desperation as played by a mother in Greece.

“Today will not come to look for Anna because I can not keep it. Please take charge of it. I am sorry. His mother”. This was the note that a teacher found next to one of his students in four years. This case is no exception. Impotence by the crisis is leading families to get rid of the most precious: their children.

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The drastic cuts in scarce social services for children in this country, together with a record of 18% unemployment, tested the families and, according to experts, are at the root of the growing number of cases of family violence, neglect and abandonment.

Different charitable organizations have found children abandoned to their doors. In the past two months the father Antonios, a young Orthodox priest who directs a Center for young people without resources, has had to face this reality on four occasions. One of the times the small who wept at the entrance of his institution was a baby just a few days of life.

leaving-children-without-food-family“Last year, we have seen hundreds of cases of parents who want to leave to their children,” said father Antonios. One of the minors in their charge is Natasha, a girl two years his mother left. The woman was unemployed, I had no where live and needed help. But until the staff could help it disappeared. Prior to the crisis also recorded similar orders, but had never been witness to what is happening now: parents who simply leave their children.

Typical of the “third world” drop-outs and hunger
When Aristotle, in his “policy”, examines the basic structures of the ancient society, it says that the family is the fundamental unit. A claim that the Greeks continue to the present day. He can take care of the children is not socially unacceptable, so many Greeks may not believe that the cases of child neglect, “of the third world”, are happening in your country. In addition, the profile of the families who star in this drama has also changed: the immigrants posed before the crisis most families leaving their children in shelters, while now they are Greek.

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This perplexity had already invaded the Greek society in December, when they met the cases of several students who had fainted in the schools because of hunger. Then, the Government dismissed teachers and media of “exaggerated”. But the Executive failed to curb the national debate and the image of food deals made more elders remember the hard winter of 1941-42, when, under the NAZI occupation, more than 300,000 people died from hunger. In December hunger cases seemed to be an isolated problem.

Today, the lack of economic resources is leaving children without food and family.

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