It’s difficult to get excited for ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’, WHY ??

I’m getting a replica of the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child script e-book at 12:01 a.m. on July 31. however I’m no longer overly excited about it.

let me preface this by way of saying i love Harry Potter. I grew up with the books, like such a lot of people my age. I went to the nighttime releases and read The Deathly Hallows in first hours, pausing simplest to mourn the loss of Fred Weasley.

And whilst I looked at every release of a new Potter ebook because the nice day (and permit’s be actual, long night time of reading whilst everyone else in my house slept) of the year, it doesn’t experience quite the same. The magic, so to talk, simply isn’t there this time round.

between the backlash to J.K. Rowling’s continued fiddling with the Potter universe, the reality that it’s a play script and no longer a novel , and the tension that Cursed baby may not stay up to the relaxation of the collection, the ecosystem round the release is a bit grey.

while i am getting Cursed baby it will be in a bound shape, sure, however analyzing a play isn’t the same as analyzing a unique. performs are supposed to have actors and costumes and lights and tune to assist inform the tale. A script is not everything. certain, we all examine Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet in high faculty, however your English teacher likely showed you one or  movie variations to assist hammer the lesson domestic.


it is in all likelihood that Rowling’s script can be very engaging. but the oddity of studying a script over a e-book underlines that I (and such a lot of others) will never get to peer the seriously acclaimed production fully staged.

One would think that extra of Harry might be simply the proper recipe to draw all the ones millennials who grew up with the collection. The problem is he hasn’t been gone long sufficient for us to miss him.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow – element 2 got here out in 2011. The e-book got here out in 2007. And while that may look like a long time to watch for a sequel (we got the remaining ebook in the game of Thrones series in 2011), Cursed infant feels greater similar to a “legacyquel,” in which a franchise passes the torch onto a new generation (see superstar Wars: The force Awakens). It’s tough for the target market to skip Potter directly to the next generation, too, while the middle fans in all likelihood haven’t commenced families of their very own but.

considering that 2007 Rowling has released canonical tales and records from the Harry Potter universe, on her Pottermore internet site but also casually in interviews or maybe on Twitter. . we’ve learned Dumbledore is homosexual. Ron and Hermione shouldn’t have ended up collectively. there is an American wizarding college.


a number of those snapshots had been welcome and interesting, even as others have regarded like an excessive amount of or in poor flavor. an editorial wherein Rowling blended the magic of her series with local American faith drew backlash from that community and others. The monitor that individuals name muggles “no-majs” turned into mocked online.

It’s difficult not to be nervous that Cursed toddler may want to fall into the identical traps. It’s tough not to assume there’s already an excessive amount of Potter obtainable,to marvel if the tale ought to keep at all. but, on the end of the day, that’s now not our choice.

George Lucas saw fan disillusionment with the celebrity Wars prequels. The guide of Harper Lee’s move Set a Watchmen brought on dismay and anger from readers who saw a completely one-of-a-kind aspect of hero Atticus Finch. but the ones megastar Wars prequels earned greater than $1 billion at the field office, and go Set A Watchman hit the top of the exceptional-supplier lists.

And so even as that natural, joyous pleasure that drove me to stand in line at bookstores for hours on stop, dressed in my excellent Hermione tools, eludes me this time around, I do have wish. because while perhaps this isn’t the way I pictured meeting Harry, Ron and Hermione again, it’s miles always first-rate to peer an vintage pal. And who is aware of? perhaps the magic will spark as soon as I genuinely crack open the ebook. Magic is humorous that manner.

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