It Is Better To Give Than To Receive

Ronald received a luxury car as a gift from his brother. For what came out of his office and met a child who admired his new car.
Sir, is this your car? asked the child.
If it is mine, my brother gave it for me.
Do you want to say that your brother gave it to you and you didn’t cost anything? The child was dreaming and thinking… and began to tell as I’d like…!

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Ronald believed to know what child would say, that you would like to have a brother as well, but what the child actually said, trembled to Ronald…
I’d like to be able to be a brother as well.
Ronald looked at the boy in astonishment, and said: would you like a ride with my car? Oh yes, that I would love it!!

better-to-give-than-to-receiveAfter a short ride, the boy looked at him with her sparkling eyes and said: Sir… would not mind that we go to my home?
Ronald smiled. He believed what the boy wanted to know, teach their neighbors that he could reach his home on a great car, but again, Ronald was wrong.
You can stop where are those two steps?
He ran and soon returned, but not only came, he brought with him a one crippled brother.

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He sit down on the first step, looking towards the car.
You see Keane? There is, as I told you… his brother gave him was, it didn’t cost a dime. Someday I’m going to buy just one, then you can see for yourself all the nice things you’ve counted.

Ronald, stepped out of the car and went to Keane in the front seat.
The brother, with her radiant eyes, climbed after he and the three began a memorable ride.

That day, Ronald understood what God wanted to tell him: ” It is more better to give than to receive “

Don’t forget: give love, hope, and encourage…

Giving without asking anything in return, is a gift.
We decide to be people predisposed to give to all those who need it, since a simple attitude can change a life!

“All the good that you do to your fellows, you’ve done it for God”

It’s better to give than to receive, it would be wonderful if we always give to our fellow man, without expecting any reward. All of that will be taken into account by the Lord, and let the Lord will repay your kindness by giving his blessing in abundance for you.

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