How to take care for Your parquet is always elegance

Drafting the parquet floors are great allies of the decoration by its elegance, design and warmth but, in turn, require some care and special treatments to keep initial appearance and brightness. The first thing you need to know to be able to properly take care of your parquet flooring that’s kind of parquet. Do not require the same degree of care the parquet floors of solid wood to a floating parquet.


Solid parquet floors

Made from natural wood is, without a doubt, the most traditional of the parquets. We can paste it directly into the soil, but it requires a few specific care. This type of parquet is very sensitive to moisture, so the best tool for cleaning is a dry MOP, to prevent staining from water. To be solid wood we can sand it, on a regular basis, always leaving it as new.

Natural wood parquet floors

The best method for disinfecting and brighten a natural wooden floor is clean it with a soft cloth dampened with water and vinegar. The application of wax is deaconsejable because over time it creates a very difficult to remove dull film. Natural wood floors are very delicate, so we should avoid walking on the street, especially with high heels shoes, since it is easy that stripes or spots occur in the wood.

Floating parquet floors

Much stronger than the wood parquet solid or natural, the laminate flooring does not require such intensive care or cleaning. (Read Too : How to design your dining room) Manufactured from wood fibres, possesses the same qualities of thermal insulation and its designs are just as avant-garde. It is not necessary to attach them to the ground and the cost is much cheaper. For cleaning we must avoid aggressive products, in particular, those containing acid in its composition since remaining brightness.

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A great ally for cleaning this type of parquet is the vacuum cleaner. We can also give a weekly washing with a mild soap or use cloths or mops dampened with vinegar and water. It is important that they are well drained to keep damp patches.

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