how to eliminate pests that threaten Your hardwood floors

Wood floors such as parquet and floating platforms are very common for its versatility and good image that provides housing, but it seems that this material is also the preferred food of some pests such as termites and the Woodworm. To prevent this problem from happening and that you have to change your floor, hired a company of fumigation in Spain and will solve this problem.


Finish them are social insects have a whitish appearance, live in the soil and unfortunately feed the wood that you have in your House, not only on the floor, also the your beds, doors, closets and libraries. Its appearance is similar to the grains of rice, and you can see them running when you mobilize or take a wood product that has been affected by them. During the spring the appearance of this pest is modified, become winged termites, they look like black ants with wings.

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There are more than 2800 species of termites throughout the world, among which stand out the underground, the damp wood and the wood dry, any of the 3 can attack your home and feed on your floor, closet, bed, or any product of this material. Ending it is the most common pest that affects the wood, and it is also the most problematic, it is difficult to see them with the naked eye, however damage caused by Yes you can see them easily.

As for drywood termites Yes it could be argued that they are visible, and also leave a trail of sawdust and also holes or cracks in the paint. If you notice these features mentioned above, you should take cards in the matter, because unfortunately the termites have taken over your home. Just check out any of these tracks now you must contact a company from pest control to deal with this problem before it is too late and already has spread throughout your home.


To remove finish, usually the pest control companies placed baits, which is a substance that mimics a food and is used to attract prey. It is also one of the most common and effective. Similarly used the fumigation, through which is achieved to eliminate any type of plague and is perfect to restore your wood floor, since it removes them completely.

Wood can also be cured by way of prevention with sealers or special oils that make the wood more resistant to the onslaught of termites. When the pest is identified early natural remedies such as maceration of cigars in water can be used for several days and then the liquid is used to kill the eggs.

Ant Pest Control in Spain has a department specializing in the study and control of termites, also has the best guarantee for the realization of treatments and to eliminate this kind of plague in the main cities of the Liberian country. Our experience has allowed us to develop very effective techniques, which makes us pioneers in the market.

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Similarly in our company we respect all regulations related to human health and are offered guarantees an excellent work which is accomplished in a comprehensive manner, eliminating pests and returning clients tranquility and peace in their homes.

The Woodworm
They are also known as larva of several species of beetles that drilling wood, beams, coffered ceilings and others that build galleries and damage to which, producing a powder as the termites and ending with wood furniture that is in your home. Detect if you have or not the presence of Woodworm in your House is quite difficult because its size is minimum, but normally with holes or grooves, in addition to the remains of sawdust which will tell you something not going well on your House.

In the case of this pest, the Ant Control company pest they do is inject a liquid anticarcoma into the holes to seal with PuTTY, also spray the wood with a liquid that removes them and prevent the breeding of new species.

If you realize the presence of holes or marks on your wood floor might be indicating the presence of insects, analyzes the details with an expert who determines if a control of pests on the wood treatment is necessary, or if it’s a simple breakdown of the material. In the same way whatever the reason we recommend that cracks are filled to bring wood back to its natural state.

It is important that you also analyze the structure and stability of wood, check if you hold firm or if it swings. In the case of floors, beams and others should take into account if they creak, where it is thus also is an indication that the plague could be wreaking havoc in your home, especially termites or the woodworms.


Wood floors are commonly very pleasant to the eye but can also become very expensive, so it is necessary to prevent that the be a plague of them, since once again invest in changing them will be an important expenditure.

Ant Pest Control offers you the most innovative and safe fumigation systems to prevent termite damage on your hardwood floors or in any piece of furniture which has been made of this material, trust the welfare of your products in professional hands that will eliminate mosquitoes or any pests that are invading your home.

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