How To Donate Old Car

You may ask, how to donate old car to charity in your area of residence. Use the database to search IRS charitable charities in your area that accept tax deductible donations. Once you find a work of charity, please contact them to make sure that you accept donations of vintage cars. Alternatively, you can run a company as Collectibles with the causes that specializes in getting donations of old cars to organizations that need it.

donate-old-carBe responsible for your classic car to be evaluated by a local team of experts if the market value is more than $5,000. If you are not sure what the market value is, look in the local classified ads for prices of similar vehicles and check online at Hot Rod online (see resources) and eBay Motors.

Please contact the charity that has chosen either by phone or online to see how take care of donated vehicles. Some can make arrangements for that vehicle brought in a trailer or may require that you obtain the car to them.

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Join more than his title of the car to charity and get a receipt of donation. Wait 4-6 weeks to receive a notification mail about the price for the award of the sold cars. If you have sold for more than $500, you may request a fair market value of vintage cars until the price of the auction of the taxes. If it is sold for $500 or less, you can claim up to a maximum of $500 for taxes.

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