How To Care And Feed For A Newborn Puppy Dog

There are puppies that, for different reasons, may not be fed by his mother. For this reason, we give some tips to know how to care for and feed a newborn puppy dog. The litters of puppies dog when they have not long to live need certain specific care that normally the mother provided them. But there are occasions in which the mother is not present and we have to take care of them.

newborn-puppy-dogAnd when we have to feed this type of puppies without the presence of the mother, are often provide milk in bottles. The dog puppies are animals that are very sensitive to hypothermia at birth that can die by staying cold. Therefore, you would need a temperature between 24-26 degrees. If you are not a mother, having the room at this temperature or provide a source of heat to maintain that temperature is recommended.

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When they reach the age of 3 weeks, should take into account that they begin to open our eyes. It is also a good time to begin to give the first shot of Wormer. Usually when the dog puppies come home already has about two months, but if it happens we have smaller puppies you will have to first take about three weeks. There are specific products on the market to supply the first shot of antiparasitic.

And when the puppy at 4 weeks, it is recommended to start with a gradual process of weaning. So suitable for puppies pates or feed can be used in specific grain for a month puppies. This I think you can be as out of the container or slightly wet in water feed so tender.

Finally, on the issue of the separation of the puppies, do not do it before the month or month and a half since it would be too premature and would not come them very well to the development of the relationship between dogs and may have a problem.

Hopefully the articles about how to care for and feed newborn puppy dog can give inspiration for you in caring for your pet dog

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