Eligible members of the family unit

One of the requirements to be eligible for a scholarship Mecd is proof that they do not exceed certain thresholds based on income received the members that make up the family unit. But, we know exactly who are the members that computed the family unit? In this article we solve it.

family-unitComputable members

Accordance with the general rules, eligible members that make up the family unit are as follows:

Parents. Consideration of major supporters of the family unit will also have persons who have or the person who has assigned the guard and protection of the child and the guardian.
Brothers and sisters singles who are under 25 years of age and who continue to live at home as of 31 December of the year prior to which intends to apply for the scholarship mecd.
Brothers and sisters single adults who are disabled.
Ancestors of parents. They must prove that they reside at the same address providing municipal certificate corresponding to justify it.

Members, computing as a family unit in the event of divorce

When there is a situation of legal separation or divorce of the parents of the applicant, only it counted as a member of the family unit who live together with him.

Must be taken into account will also be computable Member the new spouse or person linked by similar relation (eg. Partner). This new Member will be considered main Sustainer and thus their income be included in the computation of income and family assets.

course of child in a situation of host

In those cases where the beneficiary is a minor who is in a situation of reception, family who has received will need to compute as what you have described in the previous sections.

If the applicant is of age, with the rules already does not integrate it in the family unit.

Separate family units.

When persons who want to apply for a scholarship Mecd, formed an independent family unit, they also counted:

  • The spouse of this, as well as the person that is connected to it by similar relation.
  • Also will take into account those children who had and they were living at the same address as the applicant.In this case, the applicant should justify with the relevant documentation that it really family independence, i.e., it must provide proof of financial resources with which in addition to data relating to the rental or ownership of the address where he will reside during the academic year.
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