Collection of the best selfie fails

Even the Pope Francisco has embraced the selfies fashion. If not you explain everybody what these doing every moment you’re not anybody in a world of social networks, where everything is very ephemeral. For many already is almost an obligation, an obsession, telling detail of their lives online. What we eat, the sports we play, the film we’ve seen, our political ideas… Anything goes and if going with photo (or video) better, much better.

The process has been unstoppable. The first images in front of a harmless mirror up to extreme viral videos. The danger is no longer an element to take into account when it comes to getting the most spectacular and surprising self-portrait. People from all over the world, increasingly younger, risking their lives to get a second notoriety with minimal effort.

The thin red line is crossed many times are increasingly common news about people who have died while making a selfie. The latter case, a young Russian woman who fell from a bridge near the Moscow International Business Center.

Also in Russia, although in Petersburgo, Xenia Ignatyeva, 17-year-old, fell from a bridge when he tried to take a picture in 2014. Rushed into the void it seized to a wire that electrocuted her. And many other Collection of the best selfie fails. You can watch it here

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