Attitude of parents to talk with teens about love

It is better to be one theme and talk as such, naturally and empathetically. Communication can be beneficial so that our children begin their loving and sexual life in the best possible way. Adolescence is a stage complicated for our children as they begin to experience many changes and have their first love stories.

Attitude-of-parents-to-talk-with-teens-about-loveIn this aspect, the parents what they can do is talk about it in a natural way as one theme that we deal with them, and from our experience in life, and discuss some important aspects on this issue:
Attitude of parents to talk with teens about love.

  • Teenagers tend to “fall in love” very easily, and do not understand that love is something that takes time. The attitude of parents may cause different reactions in children, so you may want to speak with tact, with delicacy and understand that we have been teenagers also and that their way of seeing the love is very different to how sees it a mature person.
    Ideally, that there is good communication with the adolescent children, open and in which respect the feelings of our children. Please put aside all prejudices and talk about this issue and about the sex, since, if we do not, in the end they will learn by ideas of others and perhaps non-appropriate explanations.
  • Parents should show an open attitude and be prepared to talk about the questions that our children about this aspect, may have and we can talk to them of our experiences with the love of his age and so they understand that their feelings of confusion and his new feelings are completely normal. In the same way, creates a bond of trust with them. That Yes, it is important to not harass them or invade their space or privacy.
  • Create times and comfortable spaces to talk about love. Dinner with them, and think about how can exit the conversation so that, as you indicated, has fluid on this matter communications.
  • Don’t judge your children, remember that they are started to experience and that your you have also passed the stage of adolescence and know that entails.
  • You must be an example of a responsible, healthy, comprehensive relationship and to ensure the pursuit of what we really want and what they want other people.

Let them tell you what they want and feel empathy towards them. If you see a closed person or that you judge that experience, in the end they will prevent tell you her feelings.

Questions that you should ask is better that they be opened: how are you? How you going in your relationships? Do you like of that relationship? What don’t you like?

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