Analysis To Detect Toxic Coworkers

Perhaps the first day at work all seemed interesting, friendly, willing to help, but with the passage of time, they began to “drop the masks” and to see the real faces.

If you notice something different in someone that you had a good impression, then is time to do a detailed study of attitudes to know if it is or not a “toxic” Companion.

toxic-coworkers-typesTypes of toxic coworkers
Knowing the following classification it will be easier to recognize toxic coworkers :

  • The victims
    They are those who are always looking to look like the victims of every decision or task: that cannot alone, who need help, that is a very heavy duty, who better to do it another, etc. Everything is set against, they are innocent of everything that takes place and above all, they do nothing to change, they seek that others have them shame and to act in their defense.
  • The chronic Moody
    These toxic coworkers are from first time with bad side, they do not return a greeting, never it see them smile, they do not maintain contact with no one, wrong answer, have brow brow and for them, everything is always a “chaos”.
  • The half-hearted
    They are the dark circles come to the ground, always complain that not have slept well, that it hurts your head, get upset if someone speaks a little higher or put music, feel upset and drink coffee from a liter. Their State of mood always is near the suffering and above all, they do nothing, neither for them nor for anyone
  • The manipulators
    They are the toxic smarter, and at the same time, the most dangerous. They have a great capacity to deceive others for their own benefit, you don’t mind lying or exceed the limits to achieve their goals, that are never group. They do not hesitate at the moment to betray and to look bad to the other. They misrepresent the information and make some of your side with false promises.
  • The complainants
    This is the classic one of the toxic coworkers an office number. No matter what, they’ll always criticize. Start early with traffic, transport, climate (if rains complain, if you exit Sun complain, complain if it’s cold) and the late arrival. Then when you have to do something, they return to his typical speech that are exploited, who should pay them more. Nothing is to be always happy, will be negative.
  • Climbers
    Similar to the manipulators, but even more dangerous. They always want to take over the merits of others so that his superiors congratulate him. They would have no problem in stomp to the head to take his post. They are always next to who most suits them.
  • The gossips
    They are who always launch rumors and are responsible for spread them throughout the office. Obviously, with enlarged or false facts.

Do you recognize some of your classmates in these categories?. Well then read the article how treat a toxic coworker to knowing what to do.

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